About PoolLeaks

Count on POOL LEAKS to find your swimming pool leak. We have cutting edge leak detection equipment. 
A POOL LEAKS professional will arrive at your pool and meet with you.
The technician will place a swimming pool leak detection test device into your pool or spa (electronic water loss measurement) that measures the water loss in the pool.
Swimming pool leaks down to a few millimeters a day can be measured.  No more guessing, no more 24 hour “bucket tests”! The results are right in front of you within 15 minutes.
Then a POOL LEAKS leak expert will show you the read-out that calculates the  lost.

Once a technician is at your pool, the first step usually involves a pressure test of your plumbing. This testing will be done with specialized equipment and pressure induction systems that are designed to give surprisingly accurate results. Based on the results of the pressure test, the technician will then use a variety of tests involving sophisticated electronics or diving equipment to pinpoint the pool leak.

  • Listening Devices may be used to pinpoint the sound of pressurized underground plumbing leaks.
  • LeakTrac Vinyl Liner Leak Detectors use patented electronics to track vinyl liner leaks with a small electric current that is induced into the pool water.
  • Hydrophones (underwater microphones), special dyes, and SCUBA diving equipment are used to find leaks in the shell of plaster and concrete pools.

Once the leaks are found most simple repairs  can be made immediately.  Underground plumbing, or pool equipment however, will usually involve additional work and tools and will be quoted separately. Fortunately, POOL LEAKS  has a crew of renovation specialists to repair all types of pool leaks quickly.  This will allow you to save money immediately of lost water and chemicals.

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Your Partner in a Perfect Pool

Here at POOL LEAKS – we are passionate about providing our customers with the most professional, reliable and affordable pool service.

 We understand that your pool is more than a pool – it’s a recreational investment that has the power to turn your backyard into a tranquil escape. That’s why we want to help you.


Our Mission

We know that a leaking pool is a constant worry on your mind. Our mission is to find and repair the leak(s) so that you can get back to enjoying your pool!